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Outdoor pools, schools, and football public viewing: Covid measures expected be to be relaxed on Wednesday

Outdoor pools, schools, and football public viewing : Covid measures expected be to be relaxed on Wednesday

Pools, restaurants, and concerts: If the incidence value remains low, Bonn residents can expect further easing of Covid measures on Wednesday. The incidence remains highest in Bad Godesberg.

After days of coronavirus infections stagnating at a high level, the incidences are now dropping significantly in Bonn. On Thursday, the incidence was 44.3. If it remains below 50 for the next few days, there will be further relaxations and openings starting on Wednesday. Although the mask requirement was extended until June 24 in large parts of Bonn inner city and along Poppelsdorfer Allee and Clemens-Auguststrasse and other areas, the mask requirement for playgrounds would be dropped with immediate effect. There, not only adults but also children from the age of six have had to wear mouth and nose protection.

Schools and kindergartens

Although coronavirus cases continue to be reported in schools and daycare centers: If you look at the incidences in the respective age groups on the table of the NRW State Center for Health, they have now dropped significantly even among the youngest Bonn residents under 20. But the age group from zero to 19 years is still at the top with a seven-day incidence of 68.1 per 100,000 inhabitants. For the period June 3-6, the health department reported new Covid-19 cases at eleven schools and one daycare center. As reported, students have been testing themselves twice a week in classrooms under the supervision of their teachers since March. Several cases have been reported at three secondary schools in Bad Godesberg - the Friedrich-List-Berufskolleg, the Konrad-Adenauer-Gymnasium and the Elisabeth-Selbert-Gesamtschule. When asked, deputy city spokesman Marc Hoffmann responded with this statement: "The infections of the students occurred in the private surroundings of the children and young people.”


The weather is currently a big help to the restaurateurs who have recently reopened their outdoor terraces for dining. This is evidenced by well-filled terraces throughout the city. At the moment, however, guests are only allowed to be seated if they have a negative rapid test or have been vaccinated or are recovered. If the incidence remains under 50, the test requirement will go away starting on Wednesday in Bonn. Indoor dining areas would then be permitted to open again - but with a test requirement and designated seating.

For Rolf Hiller of Sudhaus on Friedensplatz, this seems a bit tricky. "What do I do when it rains and the guests want to go inside from the outdoor terraces. Do they then have to continue eating in the rain?" One thing is certain, however: Customers who are sitting outside and want to use the restrooms can still do so, provided they wear a mask.

Broadcast of the European Football Championship games

The city's crisis management team decided that the European Football Championships may be shown in outdoor restaurants until midnight at the latest - and with sound, as the city clarified after initial information to the contrary. The city is appealing to people to observe the minimum distances. Where this is not possible, "in principle a mask is to be worn". Rolf Hiller believes that in this case, the open question of who is responsible must be clarified - if during the public viewing, too many people stand at the edge of the terraces to watch. He sees it as the responsibility of the city public order services to monitor the situation rather than the restaurants themselves. According to the current Corona Protection Ordinance, however, restaurant managers are required to interrupt the transmission of the games in such cases. "This delegates the responsibility to us. That's not right at all," he criticizes.

Orig. text: Rüdiger Franz

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