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Covid-19 update: Covid vaccinations will soon be available without an appointment

Covid-19 update : Covid vaccinations will soon be available without an appointment

For those still wanting to get vaccinated, there will be opportunities coming up in both Bonn and Cologne - not requiring an appointment. A mobile vaccination bus will be located in front of the Cologne central train station, offering vaccines not only to Cologne residents. Here is the latest on vaccinations from the GA live blog.

After many months of lockdown, there is progress in the response to the pandemic. The number of Covid infections is declining, even if people living in Germany can still expect restrictions for some time to come.

Meanwhile, more and more people are getting vaccinated. For those who are fully vaccinated or have recovered, some restrictions no longer apply.

Covid vaccinations soon possible without appointment - also in Bonn

Vaccines against Covid-19 will soon be administered without an appointment in North Rhine-Westphalian vaccination centers. "We have reached the turning point in the vaccination campaign," NRW Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) said in Düsseldorf on Friday, explaining the initiative. In the meantime, he said, there are enough vaccine doses to offer as many opportunities as possible with minimum prerequisites.

On Monday, a "Week of Vaccinations" will be launched. Whoever wants to be vaccinated without an appointment should check out beforehand if this is already offered at their local vaccination center at the beginning of the week. In the WCCB in Bonn, people will be able to go in for a vaccine without an appointment starting on Monday. But those who do have an appointment will be prioritized.

"We want to create maximum flexibility," Laumann emphasized. "There are already cities that vaccinate with disco music and alcohol-free cocktails. There are no limits to creativity. That's exactly how it has to work." He added that the state government will provide unbureaucratic support to counties and cities in equipping them for mobile vaccinations where people do not need an appointment - for example, at busy locations such as shopping streets, sports venues or shopping centers.

Covid situation and vaccination initiatives in Cologne

On Friday, the city of Cologne recorded 21 new Covid-19 infections and a seven-day incidence of 11.9. According to the city of Cologne, those who want to be vaccinated can get their shots from July 16 to 18 at a vaccination bus, which will be located on the square in front of the train station near the Cologne Cathedral. The vaccination bus is expected to be there on Friday and Saturday from 12 noon to 10 pm, and on Sunday from 12 noon to 6 pm. The offer is not only for Cologne residents, but also for all other persons wanting to be vaccinated.

On July 23, the vaccination bus will be at Zülpicher Platz from 2 to 10 p.m., on July 24 from 2 to 10 p.m. at Aachener Weiher and on July 31 from 2 to 10 p.m. at Rudolfplatz. Anyone over the age of 18 can be vaccinated at these events. The vaccine from Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca will be administered. Those vaccinated with AstraZeneca's vaccine are to receive their second vaccination at the city of Cologne's vaccination center, with the choice of a second dose of AstraZeneca or an mRNA vaccine.

(Orig. text: GA / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)