10,000 visitors to fair Creative exhibition to move from Godesberg to Hardtberg in 2020

Bad Godesberg · There was a new visitor record in the town hall and because demand is continuing to increase, the creative fair will move in the coming year.

Almost 10,000 visitors wandered through the town hall over the weekend until Sunday evening to find everything for their creative crafts at the many stands. For four years, the Bonn Creative Fair has been attracting more and more visitors from Bonn and the region. The visitor numbers this year again exceeded those of previous years. “It’s time for an expansion,” says Marvin Okken, organiser of the creative fair. Next year, Bonn Creative Fair will therefore take place in the Telekom Dome in Hardtberg.

The 14,000 square metre town hall has become too small for the creative fair. “We can currently only accommodate 80 exhibitors,” explains Okken. However, visitors have long been asking for more: they want more workshops, more food, more unusual exhibitors and more parking spaces. “In the Telekom Dome we can meet these demands,” says the organiser. Next year, 120 exhibitors are to be accommodated over 30,000 square metres.

“The town hall is very stuffy and rambling: that will all be better next year,” said Petra Gimbe-Baecker from Büsten4you. She was exhibiting her adjustable mannequins for the first time at the Bonn Creative Fair. “It’s the right fair for us,” confirmed the exhibitor, joining the chorus of satisfied participants.

Criticism from visitors

However, there was criticism from visitors: “There are too many sales stands and too little to try out,” said visitor Angelika Keil, making her position clear. She had not driven almost an hour to Bonn to see the same things as everywhere else, said the experienced handicraft enthusiast, annoyed. “Lots of things here have nothing to do with making things yourself or being creative,” Keil said. One of the few exceptions was the workshops on offer.

“The workshops are really particularly well received,” said Christina Kutzbach, owner of Kreativ Neuwied, a studio offering courses. In Zwanette’s “Sprookjes Atelier”, craft fans could create their own fairytale world. “We want to stimulate the imagination and create fairytale worlds,” explained Zwannette Mientjes, owner of the studio.

(Original text: Elena Kuss. Translation: kc)

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