Gastronomy looking for reinforcements Cult pizzeria Cala Dor to open second location in Bonn

Bonn · Bonn pizza lovers can be happy. The pizzeria Cala Dor, which has developed a cult status around here, is opening a second location in the city. In both German and English, it put out a notice looking for reinforcements.

In Bonn, Cala Dor is already a little legend. After having to move out and say goodbye to the demolished business area near the Bonn Central Train Station, making way for new development, the beloved mini-pizzeria is now in Wesselstraße. And to provide for hungry customers even better in the New Year, Cala Dor will open a second location in Bonn.

The pizza team let on to the new opening via their Facebook page. It was tucked away in a job advertisement, in which they said they were looking for a pizza maker who can join the staff of Cala Dor in January. They write: “After the positive response of our survey we announce the joyful message! Cala Dor opens a second branch in Bonn!”

Now the only question is exactly where they will open the second location to fill the hungry mouths with traditional Bonn pizza.

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