To protect BonnNetz employees Customers asked to do their own meter readings at the end of the month

Bonn · BonnNetz has stopped sending employees out to do electricity meter readings in order to protect them from the corona virus. It is now asking customers to do their own meter readings at the end of the month.

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Due to the corona crisis, BonnNetz is reaching out to its customers with an unusual request. For those who will soon be billed, it is asking them to read their own meters. In doing so, the company wants to protect its employees from possible corona virus infection. This applies to customers of Stadtwerke Bonn (SWB) and other energy suppliers, for whom BonnNetz normally reads electricity meters.

From Monday, March 30, the affected residents will find a letter with detachable meter reading cards in their mailboxes. Customers are asked to note their current meter readings for electricity, water or district heating on these meter cards and send them to BonnNetz either by post or online. On the cards, it lists which meters need to be read and offers instructions on how to do this along with illustrations, according to BonnNetz.

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