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Germany’s IT security in Bonn: Cyber center on the Rheinaue

Germany’s IT security in Bonn : Cyber center on the Rheinaue

Picture the heart of IT security in Germany on a plot of land just across from the Rheinaue. The Bundeswehr is moving in to former offices and the Federal Office for Information Security is building anew. Many new jobs are being created in the city.

Across from the research center Caesar, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is moving in to a new building. At the same time, the new “Command Cyber and Information Room” (Kdo CIR) of the German Armed Forces will move in next door. Next to the Deutsche Telekom, the existing information technology center (ITZ) of the federal government, located on Am Probtshof, as well as numerous other small firms in the industry are rapidly expanding the importance of the IT branch in Bonn. Says Lord Mayor Sridharan, “For our city, digital development will definitely play a big role.”

The new building for the BSI is being built on a green meadow. People probably only noticed the area at the corner of Kennedyallee and Ludwig-Erhard-Allee in the past few years when the circus came to town and set up their tents there.

For the BSI, it means there will be one central location instead of several throughout the city. Around 900 workers are expected to be employed there at the central location for German cyber security. Six weeks ago, the federal budget made room for 146 new posts, and this had an immediate impact on the labor market in Bonn.

The city is planning an information session for sometime in February to inform residents of what will come. It is already clear that the BSI will have an underground parking garage but what shape the overall construction will take is not yet clear. Three different models are currently being considered.

On the opposite side at Johanna-Kinkel-Straße 2-4, the new command of “Cyber and information space” will move in sometime in April. At the moment, there is still a sign for the firm Flick Gocke Schaumburg. The command center is expected to start with 260 staff members and increase to 400 in the next years. Long term plans call for the IT security experts to be in charge of 13,500 members of the military stationed throughout Germany.