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Jesus relic on popular tv show: Dealer from Bornheim breaks show record

Jesus relic on popular tv show : Dealer from Bornheim breaks show record

Sensation at "Bares für Rares": In the ZDF flea show broadcast on Wednesday, dealer Susanne Steiger from Bornheim acquired a cross set with diamonds including splinters of the cross of Jesus. She paid a record price for it.

It is the sensation of all previously recorded broadcasts of what translates into "Cash for Rare Stuff". Trader Susanne Steiger from Bornheim bought a cross set with diamonds, which is at the same time a Jesus relic, in the ZDF flea show at Schwerin Castle on Wednesday evening.

"This is a piece which simply opens a merchant's heart, a piece you search for your entire life," she said visibly moved. "That's like the needle in the haystack. I'm incredibly happy and I just don't have words to express these emotions," the 36-year-old continued.

She had just bought the most expensive piece that had ever passed across the counter at "Bares für Rares". Steiger paid 42,000 Euro for a cross set with diamonds, in which the 40-karat stones did not make up the main value. The cross dates from around 1700. It is a relic because inside the cross there are three splinters of the Cross of Jesus. The authenticity was confirmed by a papal seal.

Expert Heide Rezepa-Zabel was also overwhelmed: "This is fantastic," she said again and again. The value of the material alone is between 15,000 and 17,000 Euro. You could also buy a small church with the actual value, according to the expert. In the end she even estimated the value at 60,000 to 80,000 Euro.

(Original text: GA Bonn, Translation: Mareike Graepel)