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Union calls for strikes: Delivery staff demonstrate in front of the Posttower in Bonn

Union calls for strikes : Delivery staff demonstrate in front of the Posttower in Bonn

On Thursday, Deutsche Post delivery staff are going on strike in front of the Posttower in Bonn. The call by the trade union Dpvkom will also affect the delivery of letters and parcels.

The Dpvkom trade union is calling on its members, particularly delivery staff, to strike at Deutsche Post on Thursday. They are releasing balloons in front of the Posttower in Bonn. The work stoppages will affect the branches in Bonn, Dortmund, Duisburg, Essen and Kiel. According to the union, this will mean that several thousand households in the area of the above-mentioned branches will not receive any letters or parcels.

At noon, the striking delivery staff and other company employees from all over Germany plan to gather in Bonn for a central strike demonstration. The posters will then, in compliance with the Corona protection regulations, move at 1 p.m. from the Rheinauen in Bonn via Ludwig-Erhard-Allee and Petra-Kelly-Allee to the Posttower.

The final rally is scheduled to take place in front of the Posttower (Fritz-Erler-Straße, corner of Kurt-Schumacher-Straße) at around 1.30 pm. Dpvkom intends to symbolically hand over the signatures of several thousand post office workers to the Post Board with a balloon action. With the signatures, the trade unionists are underlining Dpvkom's demand for a Corona performance bonus and a significant wage increase.

Strike in Bonn: six percent wage increase demanded

Dpvkom is using the strikes to underline its demands for collective bargaining. For example, Dpvkom is demanding a pay rise of six percent for the approximately 140,000 employees covered by the collective agreement and a minimum monthly increase of 140 euros for lower income groups. "Deutsche Post DHL is a winner of the crisis and is in an excellent economic position," says Dpvkom national chairwoman Christina Dahlhaus.In the Post & Parcel Germany division alone, earnings before interest and taxes are expected to exceed EUR 1.5 billion this year. This profit was generated solely by the company's employees. "A noticeable wage increase for the postal workers, who are extremely hard working not only in Corona times, is not only appropriate and justified, but also feasible in view of the forecast profit," says Dahlhaus.The Dpvkom union, which is part of the German Civil Servants' Association, is a smaller union that takes care of members of the postal service and Deutsche Telekom. However, the Verdi trade union is more strongly represented at the post office and conducts collective bargaining.

(Original text: Claudia Mahnke, Translation: Mareike Graepel)