St. Augustiner Straße Delivery woman in Beuel throws parcels

Beuel · A Beuel man watched the delivery woman, filmed her with his smartphone and put the video online on Facebook. DHL is investigating the case.

 Parcel delivery staff have a lot to do during the Corona crisis. Some of them appear to not take the rules quite so seriously.

Parcel delivery staff have a lot to do during the Corona crisis. Some of them appear to not take the rules quite so seriously.

Foto: Oliver Berg

It's a typical picture, images like this can be seen every day at thousands of DHL and Deutsche Post packing stations: A parcel truck stands in front of the station and the delivery person sorts the parcels into the individual compartments of the station so that the recipients can pick up their shipments later.

This was also the case on Saturday around 10.30 a.m. at Packstation 112 on St. Augustiner Straße in Beuel. There, next to the Esso petrol station, a delivery woman parked her vehicle to sort parcels – but in a way that upset many people. Through the door of her car she threw the parcels and consignments towards the Packstation - there they landed hard on the ground, flying around. Fragile consignments could have easily been broken. Several parcels had already been stacked on the side before.

A Beuel man observed the situation, filmed it with his smartphone and posted the video clip online on Facebook. "You wonder why so many shipments are damaged," he wrote. He said he also asked the delivery woman about how she handled the parcels, but he apparently the only reply he received was that he should "take care of his own shit".

The video quickly went viral and also found its way into the Facebook group "You are from Bonn, if...". It was commented on countless times, shared and had several thousand hits. In the comments, some users reported similar experiences and asked the video maker to share his observation with Deutsche Post. Many felt that this was the only way to change things. One wrote: "That's why my parcel has unfortunately not been delivered today", another user wrote: "That's not possible, that can’t be true!“ Another user reports about the speedy driving of a delivery person. A Facebook user commented on the video with a little more understanding. He had a friend who works for a delivery service and who reported that during the Corona epidemic there was a lot going on. "Of course, this doesn't excuse the behaviour", the user wrote referring to the delivery person in the video.

The video was deleted

In response to a GA request, the Facebook user who filmed the situation at Packstation 112 did not react to the message. In the meantime, the video has also been deleted or only made available to a certain circle of the creator's friends so that it can no longer be viewed in public.

"The video shows improper handling of packages. We regret this handling of parcels entrusted to us, as it does not meet our quality standards for parcel delivery or our own requirements," Achim Gahr, spokesman for Deutsche Post DHL Group, told the GA upon request.

The company is in the process of investigating the case internally and "talking to our employee". "If contents have been damaged, we ask the recipients to have the damage documented immediately at the nearest post office," Gahr said. He is well aware that the video is causing a furore on the Internet, because after all, customers can expect their property to be handled properly.

In principle, the company is liable to the sender in the event of loss or damage up to 500 Euro. So far, however, DHL Paket has not received any complaints about this.

Even though there are not too many profiteers from the Corona crisis, Deutsche Post DHL is one of them. After all, online trading is currently flourishing. According to Deutsche Post, the number of parcels has risen as rapidly as it usually does only in the pre-Christmas period. While at other companies the workload was getting less and less, at Deutsche Post it was getting more and more.

Now the employees should also benefit from this success: At the beginning of July, Frank Appel, head of Swiss Post, announced that more than 500,000 employees worldwide would receive a bonus of 300 Euro.

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