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Countdown to Sunday: Detonation of Bonn Center: Viewing could be difficult

Countdown to Sunday : Detonation of Bonn Center: Viewing could be difficult

On Sunday morning, the old Bonn Center will become history. But viewing the detonation in person could be tricky. Here’s a look at all the plans in place and how it will go down.

All that’s left of the Bonn Center is an ugly, gutted giant of a building. In just five days, it’s going down. With 250 kilograms of explosives set in 1,500 positions. The short drama will take place on Sunday, March 19 at 11 am. GA will cover it live in the internet. For people who want to see it in person, it will be difficult to find a place with a good view.

The problem is the restricted area within a 200 meter radius of the 48-year-old building. No one will be allowed to stand in that area out in the open. Getting a prime viewing spot from one of the neighboring buildings is also tricky. One firm located on Reuterstraße made an offer on Facebook: 30 viewers could watch the detonation from their offices, breakfast included. But it didn’t take long and the exclusive window views were all booked up.

The Marriott World Conference Hotel with its 17 stories, also has a view. To the surprise of hotel personnel, more than 30 rooms have been booked just for the detonation.

What’s left is the Hotel Venusberg where some areas offer a view of the Bonn Center. Detonation plans: The explosions will be carried out in intervals, beginning with the ground level and first floor. It is expected that the building will fall in after those initial explosions. Then will come the load bearing parts of the structure.

Signal: A long-sounding signal will go out at 10:56 am, then two short sounds a minute later. Those will be repeated three minutes later. After a countdown from ten, the first big bang will take place.

Restricted zones: Zone 1 has a radius of 100 meters and this will be closed as of 8 am, not only to bystanders but also to people in buildings within that zone. Because of the expected dust, windows and electric blinds on those buildings must be closed.In Zone 2 with a radius of 200 meters, there are 79 apartment and office buildings. People can stay inside these buildings as long as they are not in a room facing the Bonn Center.

Traffic: As of 7 am, Reuterstraße, Bundeskanzlerplatz and the B9 - Adenauerallee and Willy-Brandt-Allee will be closed in the area of the site. Buses will be diverted and trams will be stopped temporarily. The city advises against driving with a car to the area as there will be few parking places.

Post-explosion: The site will be examined by an explosives expert. After 15 minutes, an all-clear signal will sound three times and then streets will be re-opened.

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(Orig. text: Richard Bongartz)