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Deutsche Bank in Bonn: Geldautomat in Siegfriedstraße in Mehlem gesprengt

Deutsche Bank in Mehlem : Police publish photos of suspects who blew up ATM

On Tuesday morning, an ATM at a Deutsche Bank branch in Mehlem was blown up with explosives, the culprits taking cash with them. Police used a helicopter to search for the suspects. They have now released security footage of the men.

Early Tuesday morning, residents of Siegfriedstraße in Bonn-Mehlem were woken from their sleep by a loud bang. Thieves had blown up an ATM in a branch of Deutsche Bank.

According to police reports, witnesses observed two men dressed in dark clothing driving away on a scooter or motorcycle at about 3:20 a.m. The police had been informed that money had been stolen from the ATM. In the search for the suspects, police also used a helicopter, but to no avail.

According to the investigators' initial findings, the suspects drove along the banks of the Rhine from Siegfriedstrasse to Rheinstrasse in Rüngsdorf, using their two-wheeled escape vehicle after the crime.

They probably were not wearing helmets and had painted black over the headlights of the motorcycle or scooter. Information collected so far shows they stole an unknown amount of cash.

In the afternoon, police published photos of the suspects. In addition to the two suspects dressed in dark clothing and wearing masks, a bag carried by them was also caught on videotape.

Anyone who can give any information about the suspects based on their clothing or shoes is requested to contact Criminal Investigation Department 21 or the Criminal Investigation Office at 0228 15-0.

Police also ask possible witnesses for help: Anyone who saw suspicious persons in Bonn-Mehlem between 3 and 4 a.m. on Tuesday morning, or saw a suspicious scooter or a motorcycle with two men in dark clothing, is also asked to contact police.

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Foto: Police blocked off the Deutsche Bank in Mehlem.