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24 antennas in the city area: Deutsche Telekom launches 5G network in Bonn

24 antennas in the city area : Deutsche Telekom launches 5G network in Bonn

Deutsche Telekom launched its 5G network in Bonn yesterday. A total of 24 antennas were put into operation in the city centre and in Beuel. More are to follow.

Deutsche Telekom has launched its 5G network. The new mobile phone standard is now available in Bonn, Cologne, Berlin, Munich and Darmstadt, the company announced on Thursday. In these five cities, 129 5G antennas are now transmitting and by the end of the year the number should be more than 300. 5G will allow a bandwidth of more than one gigabit per second.

In Bonn, 24 antennas are in operation, for example at the main station and in Beuel. According to Telekom, these are important hubs for trains and buses, with high mobile phone traffic. By the end of the year, Deutsche Telekom plans to double the number of antennas in Bonn. Telekom's expansion is “geared to the needs of our customers”, explained Walter Goldenits, head of technology at the telecommunications group.

Where data usage is high, the focus is on building contiguous areas. The use of 5G requires new end-user devices and the first commercial 5G-enabled devices are available. These are smartphones from Samsung, Huawei and HTC. Vodafone was the first provider to launch the 5G network in mid-July. Telefonica has not yet published a timetable.

(Original text: Claudia Mahnke, translation John Chandler)