Controversial wording on tractor Discussion over soldiers' motto in Beuel Carnival

Beuel · A slogan that was presumably already used by the Wehrmacht caused annoyance on the fringes of some carnival processions. "Don't complain, fight," it read on the roof of a tractor.

Jonathan Siebertz, who watched the parade on Carnival Saturday, had noticed the sentence in Fraktur script, and he was surprised that others had not noticed it too.

Just like Jonathan Siebertz, district chairman of the German Scout Association Sankt Georg (DPSG) Bonn. He had approached district mayor Guido Déus about the matter and confronted the parade management with it, which later informed the Senate of the Prince's Guard, explains Senator Guido Pfeiffer. The Karnevalisten did not notice the saying.

"That is actually a No-Go", said Pfeiffer, who investigates the incident in close coordination with Senate President Klaus Kaulfuß. The tractor had been rented from this supplier for the first time, and the driver had claimed upon request that he had not been aware of the meaning of the slogan. The sentence was pasted over for participation in the Bonn Rosenmontagszug. "If the owner does not remove it, we will no longer book it," says Pfeiffer.

The same tractor had also pulled the car of the Schwarz-Gelbe Jonge on the parade in Schwarzrheindorf, where Pfeiffer had already noticed the inscription. Siebertz had also seen this parade with some scouts and made another observation there: After the parade, a platform truck of the Schwarzrheindorf bachelor club had passed them.

Siebertz accused them of: "The loading area was full of drunken men, some of whom shouted 'Sieg Heil' and showed Hitler's salute. That's not acceptable." He has no proof of this, but he has made a testimony and will report the case to the police in the next few weeks. JGV leader Dennis Büsch denies the incident. "My boys don't scream things like that." The association celebrates its 100th anniversary. According to spokesman Robert Scholten, the Bonn police had no knowledge of these details. Based on the description of the incident, however, the Criminal Investigation Department (Staatsschutz) has now been activated and will investigate the matter.

(Original text: Stefan Knopp / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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