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Bonn's new mayor : Dörner wants to restore the cap on the City Ring

Bonn's new mayor : Dörner wants to restore the cap on the City Ring

The new mayor of Bonn wants to create further environmental lanes only for buses and cyclists, and to cap the city ring road again. She is critical of the widening of the "millipede".

The new Lord Mayor of Bonn, Katja Dörner (Green Party), wants to make her first marks in transport policy soon after taking office in November. In an interview with the GA, she announced that three structurally protected bicycle lanes would be established as soon as possible. Until now, there has only been such a "Protected Bike Lane" at the Sandkaule in the city centre. Dörner can imagine in addition, for example, the busy Oxfordstrasse and Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz. However, the Green politician explains that she first wants to obtain the "expertise of the specialist administration".

Also on Dörner's agenda are further environmental lanes, which will be reserved for buses and cyclists. Draft resolutions already exist for such a lane on the Hermann Wanderleb Ring in the west of Bonn, but these have so far failed due to the majority situation in the council. "This can be decided quickly," emphasises Dörner in the interview.

It is also to be expected that it will soon no longer be possible to drive past the main station by car. Bonn's new Lord Mayor explains that " I have always made it clear that we will restore the cap on the City-Ring, if we have the majority to do so,". The Greens have "even more far-reaching ideas for traffic routing around the central station", but these should be implemented as part of an overall concept for the city centre.

Dörner is critical of the planned widening of the A565 to six lanes in the area of the "Millipede” (Tausendfüßler) bridge structure. This project, under the leadership of the NRW State Roads Authority, does not conform to the city's climate goals. According to Dörner, the main point of attack is the forecast for future traffic volumes. Asked whether she could imagine bringing an action against the project, the long-standing member of the Bundestag answers: "The city of Bonn should use all its options to ensure that the six-lane expansion does not come to fruition.

(Original text, Andreas Baumann; translation, John Chandler)