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Bonner Talweg closed off: Driver in accident may have been affected by medication

Bonner Talweg closed off : Driver in accident may have been affected by medication

The driver of a car and a pedestrian were injured in an accident involving four vehicles on Bonner Talweg midday on Friday. The road was completely closed following the accident. It is possible that the driver may have been affected by medication.

Two people were injured and four cars damaged as the result of a major traffic accident on Friday afternoon. According to police, the accident occurred at about 12:25 pm, when a 64-year-old man was driving in his car on Bonner Talweg towards Baumschulallee. Where the street intersects with Lessingstrasse, the car veered off to the left into the oncoming lane and, according to police, collided with three cars. Due to the impact, the car tipped over on its side. The driver was slightly injured.

One of the parked vehicles was knocked backwards by the force of the collision and hit a 53-year-old female pedestrian on the sidewalk. She was injured and had to be taken to hospital.

The driver later told the police officers that a medical incident was the reason for the loss of control of his vehicle. During the initial accident probe, there was growing evidence that the 64-year-old may have been driving his vehicle under the influence of medication. A blood sample was taken from the man and his driving license was confiscated by police.

In addition to the 64-year-old's car, two of the damaged cars had to be towed away because they were no longer operational. According to police, the accident caused property damage of about 50,000 euros.

The road closure resulted in considerable disruptions to local traffic. The lines 61 and 62 were also affected by the closure, so a replacement service was set up. Traffic Investigation Unit 1 of the Bonn police has taken over the investigation of the cause of the accident.

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