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Current Corona situation: Drosten warns of setbacks for Corona vaccination campaign in summer

Current Corona situation : Drosten warns of setbacks for Corona vaccination campaign in summer

The incidence score has dropped to 22.9 nationwide. In addition, vaccination prioritisation ceased on Monday. Some of the latest developments around the Corona pandemic can be read here.

Incidence value in Bonn approaches 50 mark

The incidence value in Bonn has dropped even further. As the North Rhine-Westphalia State Center for Health announced on its website Tuesday morning, the value is currently 55.2. A total of 17 people in Bonn have been infected since yesterday. Furthermore, one person who tested positive for COVID-19 has died. In the Rhein-Sieg district, the incidence has also decreased slightly. The value is 29.6 on Tuesday.

Drosten warns of setbacks for Corona vaccination campaign in summer

Virologist Christian Drosten has warned of setbacks for the Corona vaccination campaign over the summer in Germany. Care must be taken to ensure that people do not become careless in the future and, for example, do not attend for their second vaccination because they no longer feel like it or because it is too complicated, the head of virology at Berlin's Charité hospital said Tuesday on the podcast "Coronavirus Update" (NDR-Info). "Things like this simply must not occur. That will be, I think, the next big task.“

Accordingly, Drosten expects a discussion on promoting vaccination readiness in a few weeks. The goal is at least 80 percent dual vaccinations, at least in the "vaccine-eligible adult population," he reminded. Even with the lifting of the established order since Monday, he said, it remains important for now to vaccinate those groups where it is urgent because of the increased risk of covid 19. For now, the focus needs to be on getting people in their mid-40s and older vaccinated, Drosten said. Currently, the percentage of fully vaccinated people in the population is just under 22 percent.

Biontech founders collaborate on book about their Corona vaccine

Biontech co-founders Ugur Sahin and Özlem Türeci are collaborating on a book about the development of their Corona vaccine. Their book, "The Vaccine," written with "Financial Times" journalist Joe Miller, is scheduled to be published in English on Nov. 2. St. Martin's Publishing Group made the announcement Tuesday.

"The Vaccine" will show how they were able to develop a group of vaccine candidates within weeks, how they convinced major pharmaceutical companies to support their work, how they navigated negotiations with the U.S. government and the European Union, and how, in partnership with Pfizer, they managed to produce more than two billion doses for countries around the world," the publisher said. Sahin and Türeci explained the 30 years of research that laid the groundwork for the vaccine and provided a glimpse of potential treatments for other diseases.

Launch for digital Corona vaccine detection nears

The launch for the digital Corona vaccination certificate in Germany is getting closer. Starting next Monday (June 14), it should be possible to have the digital proof of a complete vaccination issued retrospectively in many pharmacies, as the Federation of German Pharmacists' Associations announced in Berlin on Tuesday. Even before that, the voluntary application called "CovPass" should be available for all interested parties in the app stores for smartphones, according to information from the Federal Ministry of Health.

The EU countries and the EU Parliament had recently agreed on details of a Europe-wide certificate, with which one can prove vaccinations, tests and survival from Covid-19 diseases. This should also facilitate travel. This is a supplement to the yellow vaccination booklet, which can still be used.

In the future, it will be possible to have the digital certificate issued directly in practices or vaccination centers and then use it via smartphone. It will also be possible to have it issued at a later date - for example, by doctors and pharmacies. Before the nationwide launch, a test run was started in selected vaccination centers.

(Original text: ga, dpa​ - Translation: Mareike Graepel​)