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Accident on the B56 in Bonn-Beuel: Drunk Porsche driver hits two traffic lights

Accident on the B56 in Bonn-Beuel : Drunk Porsche driver hits two traffic lights

A 35-year-old Porsche driver under the influence of alcohol crashed her vehicle against two traffic lights early Friday morning on the B56 in Beuel. Property damage was estimated at 100,000 euros.

Police reported a serious accident early Friday morning on the B56 in Bechlinghoven. A Porsche occupied by two women was on its way from Bonn to Sankt Augustin at around 2 a.m. when it crashed.

Witnesses say the Porsche drove at high speed and reported seeing how the car accelerated very quickly at several stoplights after the signals had turned from red to green.

At the intersection, the 35-year-old driver intended to turn right into Reinhold-Hagen-Straße. But instead, she swerved off the road to the right and collided with a traffic light on the B56 and a traffic light on Reinhold-Hagen-Straße.

The driver and her 28-year-old sister were injured in the accident and treated by an emergency doctor on site. After being taken to a nearby hospital, it was determined that the injuries were only minor.

An order to repair the damaged traffic lights was already sent out in the night. Further investigations will be carried out by the responsible traffic commission office.

(Orig. text: ga.de, Translation: ck)