Renewal of overhead lines During the construction work very few trains stop at Mehlem station

Mehlem · Because of works on the overhead line, only one train per hour into each direction gets through Mehlem. And there is no alternative.

 Rare picture: If you want to see a train in Mehlemer station right now, you have to be lucky.

Rare picture: If you want to see a train in Mehlemer station right now, you have to be lucky.

Foto: Axel Vogel

Whoever is currently waiting for a train in Mehlem must be patient. Because on the left bank of the Rhine, between Bonn and Hürth, the overhead line is being renewed, only one train per direction - instead of three - stops every hour at Mehlem station. This means: The Regionalbahn (RB) 48 and the Ahrtalbahn (RB 30) will be cancelled, only the Mittelrheinbahn will stop at the southernmost station in Bonn.

"This will reduce the connection for the heavily frequented station by two thirds", a GA reader notes. His proposed solution: The Regional Express five could also stop in Mehlem: "At least passengers from the entire south of Bonn could use this train to Bonn Central Station and thus relieve the inner-city road traffic.

But there is another point of criticism: because information displays on the restrictions, according to the rail customer, "are extremely meagre". It is only about the rail replacement for the completely closed line between Bonn and Sechtem. One searches in vain for information about the cancelled trains or the current travel times of the Mittelrheinbahn. "Why hasn't the information for passengers on the platform been better prepared", the GA reader is annoyed.

Since the line between Bonn and Sechtem is completely closed, ",commuting of the RB 48' between Mehlem and Bonn central station is not reasonable and feasible from an operational point of view", a spokesman for the Rhineland Regional Transport (NVR) announced. In addition, "due to platform work in Oberwinter, the local section of the line is only single-track, which means that RB 30 will be closed due to lack of capacity". Therefore, according to the spokesman, only RB 26 stops in Mehlem. "There are no other alternatives, as the two construction sites north and south of Mehlem do not allow this.“

He does not want to ignore the criticism of the notices. "To our knowledge, a pre-announcement poster has also been posted in Mehlem", the NVR spokesman states. "Due to the high level of concern and complexity, a comprehensive poster was not put up for the sake of clarity. This is because information about individual rail connections, changed travel times and more would have caused confusion. Therefore, in addition to the pre-announcement poster, the Rhineland local transport authority had only "designed a poster for the actual rail replacement service. In combination with both measures, the customer should actually have received all the information," says the spokesperson.

(Original text: GA Bonn; Translation: Mareike Graepel)
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