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Special offer during the corona crisis: E-scooter firm “Dott” remains active in Bonn

Special offer during the corona crisis : E-scooter firm “Dott” remains active in Bonn

Even during the corona crisis, e-scooters from the firm “Dott” continue to provide transportation for those who need to stay mobile in Bonn. The Dutch company has also come up with a special offer for medical staff and volunteers.

E-scooters from the Dutch company “Dott” are being used during the corona pandemic providing certain safety measures are followed. "We believe that providers of micro-mobility are an important part of public transport and that this infrastructure must be reliable - also and especially in times of crisis," the company explained its decision. The e-scooter provider "Lime" suspended its service in mid-March due to the corona crisis.

According to “Dott”, it wants to provide transportation possibilities for people who are affected by the current restrictions in public transport. The company is in close contact with the city of Bonn in order to adapt the service to the current situation as necessary.

Free rides for medical staff

“Dott” has a special offer for medical staff - for example those who work in hospitals or pharmacies: "To make a small contribution to overcoming the crisis, we are making it possible for the people who are so important to all of us in this crisis to use our e-scooters free of charge," the company writes in a press release. The medical institutions or facilities can simply contact the e-scooter company. Free use is also available for volunteers in Bonn who care for elderly and needy people. The offer also applies to the city of Cologne.

“Dott” has slightly reduced the number of e-scooters in the city area. At the moment, there are 750 e-scooters available, a few weeks ago it was 800.

Customers should wear gloves when using e-scooters

All vehicles are disinfected regularly and all employees wear gloves. During the day, company workers are out on the streets to clean and disinfect the e-scooters. “Dott” asks that all e-scooter riders wear gloves and wash their hands after borrowing the scooters.

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