Bonn International School Easter camp for youth offers both sport and theater

Bonn · All children are invited to attend an Easter camp put on by the sports association of Bonn International School, BISSV. It will include a soccer camp and a theater/drama program. Registration is open now.

 A theater performance from one of the BISSV drama programs.

A theater performance from one of the BISSV drama programs.

Foto: Bonn International School

Once again this year, Bonn International School (BIS) will be offering an Easter camp for youth through its sports association BISSV. It is open to all children in the Bonn region, not only those who attend the school. It promises plenty of opportunities for children to “explore, create, (participate in the) arts, and be active through sports.”

A soccer camp will be scheduled for children from ages 4 to 14. This is for all kids who are enthusiastic about the sport, with a focus on balls skills, movement and coordination, along with team games and other fun. BISSV will also offer a special workshop for goalkeepers and a tactics workshop for all soccer nerds.

But there is also a program for children not interested in sports. BISSV will also offer a Teaser Arts camp, run by BIS drama teacher, Ms. Lockwood. Her focus will be on acting and devising with a focus on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, using masks. A performance is planned at the end of the two weeks and parents will be invited to attend.

Registration is open now, and further information can be found at or by e-mailing to The deadline for registration is Friday, March 27, 2020.

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