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“Tag der Arbeit”: Eight demonstrations planned for the weekend in Bonn

“Tag der Arbeit” : Eight demonstrations planned for the weekend in Bonn

With “Tag der Arbeit” (Labor Day) coming up on May 1, a total of eight demonstrations have been registered with authorities for the coming weekend. The city has put in place a number of restrictions for all of the events.

A total of eight demonstrations have been registered with the city and police for the coming weekend. May Day is traditionally used by the labor movement to hold rallies. An "Internationalist May Day Alliance" plans to march on Saturday, May 1, starting at 10:30 a.m. from the DGB-Haus on Endenicher Strasse across the Viktoria Bridge, through Nordstadt and via Berliner Platz and Friedensplatz to the Marktplatz. According to the organizers, between 300 and 500 people are expected to take part and the theme is: "Corona - Mask yes - Muzzle no". At 2 p.m., a closing event will begin in front of the Frankenbad.

The demonstration will be flanked by rallies on Friedensplatz and Marktplatz, where the DGB will hold its May Day rally under the slogan "Solidarity is the Future". There will be further events on Saturday at the Beuel Rhine riverbank and at Kettelerplatz in Dransdorf.

Social distancing and mandatory masks

Already for Friday, April 30, 400 persons are registered with the city for a "Feminist Walpurgis Night”. They plan to walk through the Nordstadt between 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.. The start will be at Frankenbadplatz, and the final rally will take place at Münsterplatz.

For all events, the city has mandated a number of restrictions. One example, all participants must keep a minimum distance of 1.50 meters from others. "Groups of people from the same household who belong together plus a maximum of one person from another household must identify themselves as such to the person in charge of the event in a suitable manner at the beginning of the gathering," the city administration explained in response to an inquiry. Accordingly, the groups of people belonging together are not allowed to mix with other groups of people during the event. All participants must wear a mask, the gathering area must be separated from the rest of the public street space. And anyone distributing leaflets must wear gloves.

A spokesman for the Bonn police said that the meeting was expected to go off without a hitch and added: "Similar events in recent years have been uneventful for the police. The Bonn police will monitor the gathering.”

(Orig. text: Rüdiger Franz / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)