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First weekend of curfew: Eleven people charged at Frankenbadplatz

First weekend of curfew : Eleven people charged at Frankenbadplatz

Despite booking a total of eleven people at Frankenbadplatz for violating the curfew over the weekend, the Bonn public order service reported positive results on the whole.

On Sunday, the city of Bonn expressed its satisfaction with how the first weekend had gone under the curfew restrictions. The public order service registered few violations of the new curfew rule, which has also been in force in Bonn since Saturday as part of the nationwide so-called ‘emergency brake’. In the area in front of the Frankenbad, however, eleven charges were made for violating the curfew. Here the public order office found “many people in social groups with music and drinks”, and “some people who did not readily want to leave the square even after 10 pm”. The city announced that the square will be frequently monitored in future.

The police also discovered an open laundrette during their patrols. The shop had to close immediately. No charges were brought as there were no customers there at the time. However, the operator of a fast-food restaurant in Bornheimer Straße, who was still selling food after 10 p.m., is facing a charge of misdemeanour. Following a tip-off, the public order service encountered three cars at the drive-in counter of the restaurant and gave their occupants a verbal warning. After 10 pm, only delivery service may be offered. Staff from the public order service were unable to investigate reports of three other groups in the city because the persons fled when the law enforcers arrived.

Throughout the day, 30 to 40 people without masks were reminded of the rules for compulsory mask wearing in the city centre. According to a statement by the city, a noticeable number of younger people were out and about in the city centre between 5 and 9 p.m.; only a few people were encountered after 10 p.m. 25 were advised of the curfew rule and immediately made their way home. From 10.30 p.m. onwards, the streets looked as if they had been “swept clean”, the city said. Even alcoholics, addicts and homeless people were only out and about in isolated cases.

More than 30 people at picnic in the Hofgarten

Two demonstrations that had been officially registered and confirmed took place without any problems. But on Sunday it was a different story at the Hofgarten. Here, more than 30 people gathered for a picnic in the afternoon. This was confirmed by the police upon request from GA. The city could not be reached for comment on Sunday evening.

Police spokesman Robert Scholten added on Monday morning that “around 30 people aged between 40 and 60 met for a picnic in the Hofgarten”. The people did not maintain social distancing, and many were not wearing face masks. According to Scholten, one person became unruly and hit a female officer, who was slightly injured.

(Original text: Fabian Schäfer, Translation: Caroline Kusch)