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Educational institutions in Bonn: Eleven schools and one daycare center report cases of coronavirus

Educational institutions in Bonn : Eleven schools and one daycare center report cases of coronavirus

A fifth case of coronavirus has been reported in connection with health care trainees at the LVR Clinic who celebrated their graduation last week. As far as other educational institutions in Bonn, there has been at least one case of coronavirus in eleven different schools.

Following a party of LVR clinic personnel in a bar in Bonn last Friday, a fifth person from Bonn tested positive for the coronavirus. The information was disclosed by deputy city spokesman Marc Hoffmann in response to a GA inquiry. The bar has not been closed down, nor did it need to be disinfected, according to Hoffmann. "Those who were at the party were mainly hanging out in the area outside in front of the bar."

Altogether 111 persons - among them family members - have been identified by the public health department as contact persons in the first category (close contact) - 50 of them from Bonn.

Coronavirus situation at Bonn schools and daycare centers

Here is the latest information on Bonn schools affected by cases of coronavirus: According to the city, the Kardinal-Frings Gymnasium (Gymnasiums are secondary schools/high schools), the Ludwig-Erhard Berufskolleg (vocational college), the Heinrich-Hertz-Europakolleg (commercial-technical vocational college), the Marie-Kahle School, the Clara-Schumann-Gymnasium, the Tannenbusch-Gymnasium, the Gemeinschafts Primary School Peter-Klein-Strasse, the Realschule Beuel (secondary school) and the daycare "Kleiner Lukas" each had one person who tested positive, at the Elisabeth-Selbert-Gymnasium, two persons tested positive, at the Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium and the Beethoven-Gymnaisum, each had three persons who tested positive.

Orig. text: Thomas Leurs

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