Current Corona situation Emergency care in Bonn’s Kitas ended

Bonn · The daycare centers in Bonn will return to limited regular operation as of Wednesday. Schools will start alternating classes next week.

 Pupils will go back to school from Monday onwards.

Pupils will go back to school from Monday onwards.

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Daycare centers

The Corona incidence level has dropped significantly in Bonn over the past few days. Therefore, already from today Wednesday May 12, 2021 the day care centers go back to the limited regular operation.

Schools in Bonn

Alternating teaching weeks at Bonn schools will start next Monday, May 17, in accordance with the NRW Corona Care Ordinance. In this way, the state wants to give schools, as well as students and their parents, sufficient time to prepare for alternate instruction. The alternate instruction is in effect until further notice.

"Being able to return to school is a long-awaited and important step for the children and also their parents. As much as I understand that everyone is happy about these steps towards more normality, we must all be aware that we have not yet overcome the pandemic and must therefore do everything we can to reduce contacts. We must continue to test intensively, also and especially in schools and daycare centers, as long as there is still no approved vaccine for children and adolescents," says Mayor Katja Dörner.

In a general decree, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has determined that the level has fallen below the limit of 165 set in the federal emergency brake for five consecutive working days. As a result, restricted regular operation will apply again in daycare centers as of May 12.

Incidence value in Bonn continues to fall

The seven-day incidence in Bonn continued to fall on Tuesday. According to the city administration, the value is 109.2. On Monday, the incidence was still 126.8, on Sunday 137.1. The city recorded 360 new infections in the past seven days, 876 people are considered currently infected. 13,494 people have tested positive for coronavirus since the pandemic began, and 233 people have died in connection with the virus. According to the city administration, 94 people from Bonn and the surrounding area who have contracted Covid-19 are currently in hospitals in Bonn. 57 of them are being cared for in normal wards, 37 are in intensive care, and 32 of them have to be ventilated.

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Translation: Mareike Graepel

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