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Report on possible crashed aircraft: Emergency services end search operation in the Ennert

Report on possible crashed aircraft : Emergency services end search operation in the Ennert

Emergency services in Beuel searched a forest area in the Ennert after a report of a possible plane crash in the wooded area. An eyewitness had contacted the police.

Rescue workers called off the search operation in the Ennert in the afternoon, according to police. They had previously searched the area for about one and a half hours after an eyewitness reported a possible plane crash.

According to police spokesman Robert Scholten, there was no evidence of a crash. A walker came forward at about 1.45 p.m. and said she had seen an aeroplane in a spin. The aircraft had disappeared behind a slope and had not reappeared. Even though the crash was not confirmed, the woman's tip was correct, said Scholten.

Police and fire brigade personnel were among those involved in the search. From the air, the rescue helicopters "Christoph 3" from Cologne and "SAR 41" from the Bundeswehr air base Nörvenich searched. Thermal imaging cameras were also used.

The search started in a hall on Holtdorfer Straße. The area between Oberkasseler Straße and the Ennert forest was searched. According to the eyewitness, the aircraft was a small plane with an advertising banner.

The pilot, who usually flew in the area, had been contacted. However, he was not in the air at the time. The Bonn fire brigade also contacted the surrounding airports and airfields as well as the German Air Traffic Control. But no aircraft was missing there either.

(Original text: Andreas Dyck; Translation: Mareike Graepel)