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List of new construction sites: Endenicher Ei in Bonn will not be finished until the end of 2024

List of new construction sites : Endenicher Ei in Bonn will not be finished until the end of 2024

The municipal civil engineering office presents the master plan together with construction sites for the urban district of Bonn. Among them are old acquaintances and new sewer construction sites on Kaiserstrasse and Stockenstrasse.

The civil engineering office of the Bonn city administration has presented its master plan with the planned road construction projects for 2021. This includes construction sites that will be started, continued or finished in the new year. In total, the list for the Bonn city district includes 114 projects. The good news for motorists: these are significantly fewer than in previous years. However, two central construction sites will remain with Bonn residents throughout the year.

The Endenicher Ei and the Viktoriabrücke (Viktoria Bridge) fill the entire annual calendar: as is well known, the entire bridge structure at the Ei, including the connecting ramps to the motorway, is being renewed. As is well known, the state road construction authority has abandoned its original goal of renewing the Endenicher Ei before the targeted start of the Tausendfüßler extension.

Instead of this year, completion is now targeted for the end of 2024 according to the master plan. Until then, obstructions are to be expected on the main road between the city centre and Duisdorf. The actual main construction work is scheduled to begin in 2022. But as is common knowledge, the new construction of the Tausendfüßler has also been postponed. Its operating permit expires in 2022, and according to the latest information, the new construction will start in 2023.

Viktoriabrücke to be completed by the end of this year

Light on the horizon, on the other hand, is gradually appearing at the Viktoriabrücke. Despite various delays, the civil engineering office still expects the bridge to be completed by the end of this year. The demolition and construction of the bridge started in 2016 and is currently costing around 45 million Euro. Due to the Corona pandemic, construction company personnel from Eastern Europe were temporarily not allowed to enter the country. In addition, logistics were disrupted and there were shortages of materials.

Among the most important main roads in the Bonn borough, Bornheimer Straße, Kölnstraße and Reuterstraße are - once again - affected by construction sites: On Bornheimer Straße, the city is continuing its sewer construction work in the section between Heinrich-Böll-Ring and Am Propsthof, which is expected to last until October. Large-scale sewer construction is also planned on Kölnstraße: The section in Auerberg will be affected from the end of April, and the work there is scheduled to last until March 2023.

On Reuterstraße, the sewer construction work, which has already been going on for a year, will continue. The civil engineering office will be busy for another year in the area between Oskar-Walzel-Straße and Bonner Talweg. The renewal of Hohe Straße in Tannenbusch could ease traffic congestion in the north of the city: the section between Maximilian-Kolbe-Brücke and the bypass in the direction of Bornheim (L183n) will be renewed there by the end of August.

In Weststadt, the permanent construction site in Richard-Wagner-Strasse remains in place, where the city is renewing the sewer. The project will have taken two years, if it is completed on schedule at the end of the year. Residents in the Nordstadt are threatened with obstructions on Paulstraße from the end of April due to pipeline and sewer construction work. When considering traffic routing in the city centre, local politicians must bear in mind that Stockenstraße between Stockentor and Rathausgasse will also become a sewer construction site between April and November - as will Kaiserstraße between Nassestraße and Kaiserplatz during the summer months.

With the so-called master plan, the traffic and construction site management of the civil engineering office coordinates all plannable construction projects in Bonn's road network that last longer than one week. All work by the city, but also by private builders and public utility companies such as the public utility company, is compiled there and updated monthly. The purpose of the master plan is, among other things, to combine work on different pipeline networks in order to avoid tearing up the road several times.

Original text: Rüdiger Franz

Translation: Mareike Graepel