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Permanent road works on A565: "Endenicher Ei" to be repaired before "Tausendfüßler" rebuilt

Permanent road works on A565 : "Endenicher Ei" to be repaired before "Tausendfüßler" rebuilt

Drivers in Bonn are facing tough times. By 2021, North Rhine-Westphalia’s roads authority is planning to rebuild the “Endenicher Ei” bridge over the A565 motorway, which will then be widened to six lanes.

North Rhine Westphalia’s roads authority still has important preparatory work to do before the widening of the A565 motorway to six lanes between the Bonn-Nord junction and Hardtberg. According to André Deutenberg, project manager for road construction at the authority, an inspection of the “Endenicher Ei” bridge construction showed “no worrying results.” However, the structure’s foundations need to be strengthened, probably from the middle of this year. A replacement construction is then planned.

The use of temporary bridges is planned, over which traffic would continue to flow in three lanes. Initially, only part of the old bridge will be demolished, rebuilt and opened to traffic before the second part is worked on. The cost will be ten million Euros. Both sections of the bridge are to be completed by the start of 2021, after which the reconstruction of the “Tausendfüßler” is to begin.

The operating permit for the section of road between Bonn-Nord and the Endenich exit expires in 2022. The state plans to invest 200 million Euros to widen the “Tausendfüßler” from four to six lanes. The authority expects traffic to be severely disrupted during the five and a half year construction period.

Planning to start this year

As reported, the NRW Ministry of Transport has decided to jointly plan the new construction of the “Tausendfüßler” and the six lane extension between the Endenich and Hardtberg exits (currently four lanes, partly with a hard shoulder). The plans are to begin this year according to Ministry spokesperson Bernhard Meier. However, the joint planning does not mean the constructions works will run in parallel. The “Tausendfüßler” will be done first and the second section, which has not been prioritised so far, will follow immediately afterwards.

(Original text: Philipp Königs. Translation: kc)