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Body found unexpectedly: Euskirchen police investigate after body found in cemetery

Body found unexpectedly : Euskirchen police investigate after body found in cemetery

Authorities have found a body in a cemetery in Mechernich which raises questions. Now the police and the public prosecutor's office in Bonn are investigating.

A cemetery is usually not an unusual place to find a body. However, after a body was found in Mechernich while digging a grave in a cemetery, the Bonn public prosecutor's office and the Euskirchen police have started an investigation.

According to the report, the body was found at around 11.30 a.m. on Tuesday in a section of the cemetery that had been levelled ten years ago. According to the Euskirchen police, a so-called regulatory burial was to take place on Tuesday. Such a burial is carried out when a deceased person no longer has any relatives to take care of the burial.

When the grave was dug, a corpse came to light which, according to the police, was in a relatively good state of preservation. How long the body had been there was unknown, a spokesperson said. It could have been there for years or even decades. The identity of the deceased is still unclear. There is also no information about the age and sex of the deceased. The dead body had been lying in the ground, a coffin was not or else no longer recognisable.

The body was taken in custody and a forensic medical report was commissioned by the public prosecutor's office in Bonn. Investigations are in train to check whether a criminal offence has been committed.

(Original text: Andreas Dyck - Translation: Mareike Graepel)