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Flood disaster in the region: Evacuations announced due to bridge demolition in Euskirchen district

Flood disaster in the region : Evacuations announced due to bridge demolition in Euskirchen district

The construction of the temporary bridge has been completed. The District Administrator of the Rhine-Sieg District Sebastian Schuster calls for a detailed analysis of the flood and of disaster management. Read current developments on the flood disaster here.

Bridge to be removed

On Sunday, August 1, THW will blast a bridge between Kirspenich and Kreuzweingarten that was heavily damaged by the flood. The blasting is scheduled for 11:00 am. Within a radius of about 1000 meters around the bridge, all buildings must be abandoned. This area may not be entered after 9:00 am.

For this time, the affected persons are asked to go to the established people assembly points. These are located for Arloff and Kirspenich on the grounds of the parking lot opposite the "Hotel zur Waage" in Bahnhofstraße in Arloff, for Kreuzweingarten in the "Haus Maria Rast" in Josef-Kentenich-Weg.

As soon as the evacuation is lifted, the residents will be informed again. At the people assembly points, care is ensured by aid organizations. Those who are in need of medical assistance or transport due to a physical limitation are asked to call 02251 / 98342525. For further inquiries the Hotlines of the city Bad Münstereifel under the Tel. No. 0172 / 9436517 and the Hotline of the city Euskirchen under the Tel.Nr. 02251 / 14384 is available.

Police specify details of the dead - 134 victims from the Ahr Valley

Police on Saturday specified details of the number of dead in the flood disaster in Rhineland-Palatinate. The 135 dead, which had been mentioned on Friday, are 134 victims from the Ahr valley and one person from Trier, explained police councillor Florian Stadtfeld at the daily press conference of the crisis management team. Currently, about 5100 full-time helpers are deployed in the disaster area. The focus of the work is still on the supplies to the population, the cleaning of the roads and the removal of damage.

Emergency services restored in the Ahr Valley

In the areas affected by the floods in the Ahr Valley, standard emergency services have been restored. This was announced on Saturday afternoon by the Supervisory and Service Directorate (ADD) of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Residents with medical emergencies are asked to contact as usual the emergency number of "112" to inform the rescue control center in Koblenz. This will receive the emergency call and send qualified rescue workers.

If there is not sufficient cell phone reception during an emergency call, cell phones will log into any other cell phone network during an emergency call. An emergency call is thus possible. In the event of a complete failure of the cellular network, any emergency force, for example, the police, fire department or other aid organizations, will also help.

Construction of temporary bridge in Bad Neuenahr completed

In Bad Neuenahr, the Müllheim chapter of the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) has built a temporary bridge on the site of the Landgrafenbrücke. Many helpers from other areas were also involved in the construction of the bridge.

The bridge with 51,85m span over the river Ahr in Bad Neuenahr - "Landgrafenbrücke" - is ready so far. Thanks were issued to the 30 helpers from the OV Müllheim, specialist group bridge construction and the 10 helpers each of the specialist groups bridge construction from Freising, Pfedelbach and Bad Kreuznach. The same applies to the supporting specialist groups for clearing, logistics, salvage and the platoon as the command center.

It was an outstanding THW team performance for the construction of part of the important infrastructure in the crisis area.

Corona situation in Ahrweiler

According to the Ahrweiler district administration, the seven-day incidence in Ahrweiler is currently 49.2 and there have been nine new Corona infections.

Currently, 90 people are infected with the Corona virus in the district of Ahrweiler.

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