Music festival in the Altstadt Everything you need to know about "Sound der Altstadt" 2024 in Bonn

Bonn · The street music festival "Sound der Altstadt" (sound of the old town) is happening in Bonn’s Alstadt on Saturday. Artists from different genres and cultures will perform on a total of five stages.

The street music festival "Sound der Altstadt" is in Bonn's Old Town (archive photo).

The street music festival "Sound der Altstadt" is in Bonn's Old Town (archive photo).

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

On Saturday, 22 June, the "Sound der Altstadt" music festival is on from 2 pm to 8 pm. This is the second time that the Altstadtinitiative Bonn is organising the street music festival. A total of 30 musicians from Bonn and the surrounding region will present their music on five stages.

The five venues are spread throughout the Old Town. Different artists will perform on each stage every hour. Here is an overview of the programme:

Stage one: Altstadtbrunnen

2 p.m.: Milange, French musette, Latin American music, Spanish pop music

3 p.m.: The Barberellas, women’s barbershop choir

4 p.m.: Rapper Henning, German rap

5 pm: Villwock Brothers, Acoustic/Folk/Bluegrass Band

6 pm: Joekskapel Aan Dae Reem, Dutch brass band

7 pm: Vernukkt, indie pop

Stage two, corner of Wolfstrasse and Peterstrasse

2 pm: Paco Sall, guitarist and singer

3 pm: Divas & the drummers, blues, jazz, grunge, rock and soul

4 p.m.: Artur Glogowski, singer-songwriter

5 pm: Right here, choir

6 pm: Nik Nova, singer-songwriter

7 pm: Fritz Lakritz, indie pop

Stage three, Jupiter Column

2 pm: Caroline Bernotat, singer-songwriter

3 pm: Zwei von Zwei, vocals, guitar, flute

4 pm: Boom Boom Five, blues, rock'n roll and more

5 pm: Jedöns, rock, ska and carnival music

6 p.m.: KÔRNEL, art pop

7 pm: First Lane, acoustic rock

Stage four, corner of Wolfstrasse and Heerstrasse

2 pm: HofJebräu, singer-songwriter duo

3 pm: Mentha, singer with guitarist

4 pm: That Lonesome Surfer Dude, instrumental surf rock

5 pm: Eden Trio, classical trio

6 pm: Shay McVeigh, solo musician from Ireland

7 pm: Majer and the mudkids, rock and pop band from Bonn

Stage five, Marienschule

2 pm: Blauwer Vogel

3 pm: Pänz Dänz, DJ for children

4 pm: Pänz Dänz

5 pm: Lil-Chain, singer from Somalia

6 pm: Amon Deeb, trumpeter, nine years old

7 pm: Mascaline, German rap

Original text: Celina Baumann

Translation: Jean Lennox

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