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„Bachelor“ finale: Ex-Baskets player Andrej Mangold hands over the last rose

„Bachelor“ finale : Ex-Baskets player Andrej Mangold hands over the last rose

Andrei Mangold had to hand over the last rose in the show’s finale. In the last episode of this season of "Der Bachelor" a decision had to be made. Jennifer and Eva were the two remaining candidates. Andrej Mangold found the decision difficult and shed some tears.

Twenty women fought for the heart of Bachelor Andrej Mangold. Week after week, the former Telekom Baskets Bonn player distributed roses to the candidates. Many tears were shed, not only among the women, but also Mangold's eyes shone suspiciously often. In the end only Eva and Jennifer remained. Two women who, according to their own statements, could hardly be more different. But they can't deny the one thing they have in common: they want to get the last rose from Andrej.

And who does the Bachelor want? According to his own statement, he is in love with both women. "I don't know how I can make a decision," he says. With tears in his eyes, of course. Only who or what can help him with the decision? Of course, his mother and his stepfather. First they both get to know the 25-year-old Jennifer. Especially the mother is enthusiastic, because Jennifer's hobbies are sports, fitness and reading. She prefers books about personality development. Mangold's mother is amazed. Probably the audience, too, because this passion has been kept secret by the Bremen woman until now.

Eva from Düsseldorf also scores points with Andrej's mother and stepfather. And this despite the fact that the stepfather lived in Cologne for a while. But that's okay for the 26-year-old. The meeting runs smoothly, the bachelor is in love and lets his emotions run free in the form of tears.

He confesses his feelings to Eva, who stands in front of him in a long white dress on the last night of the show, looks deeply into her eyes and says that something is missing. With no emotion visible in her face, the bachelor accompanies her back to the car. "The decision hit me harder than her," Mangold sums up.

Conversely, this means that Jennifer gets the last rose. Kissing, they both fall into each other's arms and, as they later reveal, are still a couple. Did Mangold make the right decision? "He has picked the girl, not the woman," is Eva's verdict. Original text: Nathalie Dreschke Translation: Mareike Graepel