Matchmaking show with Andrej Mangold Ex-Baskets player is the new RTL Bachelor

Bonn · To Bonn people, Andrej Mangold will be known above all as a player of the Telekom Baskets. On Wednesday evening, the former basketball player was seen for the first time on RTL as a bachelor.

In eight seasons, the Bachelor on RTL was already looking for his dream woman. At the beginning of the new year, the next round will begin - with a former Telekom Baskets Bonn player as the new bachelor. Andrej Mangold will distribute roses among the applicants and at best find his new life partner in the end.

The new season started last night. In his role as Bachelor Andrej travels together with 20 young women to Mexico for several weeks. Will he - unlike many candidates before him - find a love that lasts? Andrej is optimistic.

He spent four years with his ex-girlfriend. Photos of her can no longer be found on his Instagram profile. Andrej's explanation shortly before the start of the broadcast: His account had been hacked and many pictures had been deleted. "Maybe it was a sign," joked the athlete with the bright green eyes.What doesn't stand out in all the public appearances and the glamorous Instagram pics: Andrej feels very attached to his home Hanover - also because he still has many friends there, as he says. "Hanover will always be a place of return for me," he told the German Press Agency.

Will his future girlfriend love Hanover? We'll see. She should definitely be open and honest, Andrej thinks. The trained insurance salesman already knows his long-term goal: family and children. "That's definitely the perspective I want to create for myself."The 31-year-old moved from the Artland Dragons to the Telekom Baskets in Bonn in 2011. When his contract was not extended, he signed with BG Göttingen, a league competitor, in 2016. In his five years in Bonn, Mangold played 173 games for the Baskets. Only Branko Klepac (221) and Artur Kolodziejski (206) played more games for the Bonn team.In addition, the now clubless basketball player and trained merchant appeared in the founding show "Die Höhle der Löwen" ("The Lions' Cave"). Two years ago he presented a sugar-free chewing gum with extraordinary flavours in the Vox show. "The chewing gum" convinced at first and in return the investor was to receive 20 percent of the company shares. But the deal did not come to fruition in the end.

Now he is looking for love among 20 women at RTL. "I've been single since the beginning of 2018 and am excited about this kind of dating," said Mangold in an interview with RTL. "Getting to know people on social media today has become so fast, I think that's a pity. There are cameras with 'Der Bachelor’, okay, but if you have the chance to get to know women intensively over a longer period of time away from everyday life, without any background noises ... I find that very exciting," the Hanoverian is quoted on the RTL homepage.

(Original text: GA Bonn, with material by the dpa, Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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