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Start in September: Experts: Booster makes sense for Corona risk groups

Start in September : Experts: Booster makes sense for Corona risk groups

Experts suggest that people from risk groups should take advantage of the planned offers for booster vaccinations against the corona virus. It starts already in September.

"The booster vaccination in older people makes a lot of sense. Especially those over 80 and people with a weakened immune system - for example, rheumatism or dialysis patients - have a much poorer immune response compared to younger people," says Anja Kwetkar. She is the director of the Clinic for Geriatrics at Jena University Hospital and head of the Vaccination Working Group of the German Geriatrics Society (DGG).

"These defenses can be strengthened by the additional vaccination. This is our experience with other vaccinations as well," says the expert.

Good protection for autumn and winter

Since many elderly, immunocompromised and people with pre-existing conditions were vaccinated first at the beginning of this year, it is important to refresh with them now, explains immunologist Prof. Carsten Watzl. Especially in view of rising infection rates, these risk groups should be well protected for the fall and winter.

Also the Virologe Professor Christian Drosten of the Citizen of Berlin Charité had expressed recently what he thinks about the so-called „Auffrischungsimpfung“ (booster vaccination): With the elderly as well as certain risk patients he considers a Auffrischungsimpfung in this autumn quite sensible. For most, however, it would be unnecessary this fall.

The actual implementation of booster vaccinations is the responsibility of the federal states. The prerequisite is that the last vaccination should generally be at least six months ago. (Original text: dpa / Translation: Mareike Graepel)