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Entry conditions adapted: Federal police changes requirements for applicants

Entry conditions adapted : Federal police changes requirements for applicants

The Federal Police have slightly changed their requirements for applicants. The entry conditions for admission, however, have not been lowered, but only evaluated and adjusted, the Federal Police announced, after the newspapers of the Funke media group had first reported on it.

The error rate for dictations was even increased: 24 errors instead of 20 may now be made - but this was based on 250 words instead of 180, as was explained on request. The sports test was also revised. Instead of standing long jump and push-ups, applicants must now complete a pendulum run. However, the overall result of all tests remains the decisive factor for recruitment, according to the Federal Police. Anja Ducklauß-Nitschke, vice-chairwoman of the federal police union in the German Police Union (DPolG), said that there was no reason to fear that the quality of training would suffer as a result.

The Federal Police hopes to get as many suitable applicants as possible. Currently there are no vacant positions, it was said. But in 2020, the Federal Police wants to create 2150 new positions. In addition, 853 civil servants will retire this year.

(Original text: (dpa); Translation: Mareike Graepel)