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Mini-series „Bonn": Filming in Bad Godesberg causes a stir

Mini-series „Bonn" : Filming in Bad Godesberg causes a stir

A corpse, vintage cars and people in costumes: filming in Bad Godesberg caused a stir on Wednesday evening. Filming is taking place there for a mini-series set in histioric Bonn.

Filming on the Von-Sandt-Ufer in Bad Godesberg caused quite a stir on Wednesday evening. A large team shot scenes there for the new mini-series "Bonn". The work in Bad Godesberg is very elaborate: A fire truck and a police car from the 1950s are parked on the bank, along with a vintage car that is being fictitiously retrieved from the Rhine by an old crane truck. A corpse lies in the car. On the set were numerous extras who mime police officers, firefighters, tow trucks and also onlookers.

The drama series is based on real events during the Cold War. It centers on the fictional 20-year-old Toni Schmidt (Mercedes Müller), who in 1954 takes a job as a foreign language secretary at the Gehlen organization, the forerunner of today's Federal Intelligence Service (BND). The ambitious young woman gets caught between two rival German intelligence services - the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the Gehlen Organization - and discovers dark secrets about her own family and the man she loves.

(Original text: Maximilian Mühlens, Translation: Mareike Graepel)