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Customers escorted out: Fire alarm triggered in Maximilian Center in Bonn

Customers escorted out : Fire alarm triggered in Maximilian Center in Bonn

The fire department was called out to Maximilian Center at Bonn’s central station at noon on Thursday after the fire alarm had been triggered there. Customers had to leave the building.

There was a fire alarm on Thursday afternoon at the Maximilian Center. According to the fire department, it had been triggered around 2 p.m. during construction work on a basement floor of the building.

Parts of the alarm system had been switched off for the work, so that it would not be accidentally activated by smoke or dust. According to Thomas Adenauer of the Bonn fire department, this is a common procedure. When the construction work was completed, the relevant part of the system was switched on again, and the alarm went off. It is not known why the alarm sounded.

The fire brigade from station 1 arrived on the scene, with a total of ten firefighters and three vehicles. Another vehicle from station 2 was on its way to Maximilian Center but turned around and went back. The customers of Primark and other shops located in the center were escorted to safety by employees.

(Orig. text: Dennis Scherer, ck)