Rescue operation near Wesseling-Urfeld Fire boat capsizes during body recovery in the Rhine

Wesseling · A body was rescued from the Rhine near Wesseling-Urfeld on Tuesday. During the recovery attempt, a boat belonging to the Bonn fire brigade capsized. Four firefighters fell into the water.

The fire brigade recovered a body from the Rhine on Tuesday.

The fire brigade recovered a body from the Rhine on Tuesday.

Foto: Dieter Hombach

At around 12.25 p.m. on Tuesday, the Bonn fire brigade was called out to recover a body from the Rhine near Wesseling-Urfeld. The water police had found the lifeless person at kilometre 664.7 on the Rhine and secured him in the water.

According to the GA, the fire brigade's multi-purpose boat capsized while attempting to recover the body. As a result, four firefighters had to be pulled out of the water. According to the Bonn fire brigade, other firefighters were able to rescue their capsized colleagues from the water with the help of other boats. They were examined by paramedics on land. According to initial information, the rescue workers suffered minor to moderate injuries and were taken to hospital.

Meanwhile, the crew of the rescue helicopter Christoph 3 located the sunken boat at kilometre 666 on the Rhine and a boat from the Waterways and Shipping Office was able to recover it a short time later.

Numerous helpers from Bonn, the Rhine-Erft district and the Rhine-Sieg district were involved in the operation. As fire station 2 in Bonn was temporarily deserted, the volunteer fire brigade helped out in order to be able to accompany any operations.

(Original text: Constantin Graf and Dominik Knur; Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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