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Fire-fighting operation is continuing: Fire brigade called to a major fire in Euskirchen

Fire-fighting operation is continuing : Fire brigade called to a major fire in Euskirchen

A major fire broke out in a factory complex in Euskirchen late on Saturday evening. About 70 people had to be evacuated from the surrounding residential buildings.

On Saturday evening at around 11.50 p.m. a devastating major fire broke out in Roitzheimer Strasse in Euskirchen city centre. When the emergency services arrived on site, a 2-500 square-metre factory complex of the former Daufenbach haulage company was completely ablaze, according to the fire brigade.

As the fire brigade also announced, the factory buildings also contained several vehicles, mobile homes and two carnival floats. However, the Prince's carriage for the Euskirchen Rose Monday procession was not among them.

The flames shot out of the building many meters high. The fire department immediately initiated a massive fire-fighting operation. Together with the rescue service, the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief, the police and numerous other forces, approximately 200 people were on duty. Due to the heavy smoke and flying sparks, around 70 people had to be evacuated from the surrounding residential buildings. About half of these were accommodated in a nearby retirement home; the rest went to relatives. The residents were able to return to their apartments in the course of the morning. The residents were also informed about the situation on site using the KATWARN warning system.

The fire brigade finally brought the fire under control on Sunday at about 3.15 a.m. The strong wind made it even more difficult for the emergency services to extinguish the fire. Several parts of the hall complex collapsed during the fire.

The building complex housed 20 to 30 caravans and rentable mobile homes in winter storage, the Euskirchener Tafel company, a software company, a photo studio, the vehicles of a driving school and a few carnival floats.

On Sunday the fire department was still on site and it was envisaged it will take a long time to ensure that the fire is completely extinguished. The area around Roitzheimer Straße between Münstereifeler Straße and An der Vogelrute was closed.

The police have already begun initial investigations. They estimate the damage to property to be in the high six-figure range.

(Original text: Ulrich Felsmann and Christine Bähr, translation John Chandler)