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ICE between Siegburg and Montabaur: Fire caused by ignited transformer oil

ICE between Siegburg and Montabaur : Fire caused by ignited transformer oil

The cause of the fire on the ICE high-speed train between Siegburg and Montabaur has been determined. Leaked transformer oil had ignited, causing the fire aboard the train in October.

According to information from the Bundestag (German parliament) on Wednesday, there were no indications of maintenance defects. The transformers and ancillary units such as transformer oil pumps and transformer oil coolers were being inspected. Transformers are not opened during normal maintenance inspections - according to their manufacturer they are designed to last the lifetime of the train.

Further information from the German Bundestag said that transformers in the Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) trains will generally be inspected more closely in future. Fire safety and prevention concepts would also be put to the test. The Federal Office for Railway Accident Investigation (BEU) will submit a report at the very latest one year after the accident - if not a final document, then at least an interim report.

On October 12, a fire broke out on a moving ICE on the high-speed line between Cologne and Frankfurt near Montabaur in Rhineland-Palatinate. All 500 people on board were rescued, five suffered minor injuries. The fire damaged the train and the tracks. According to the Bundestag, the policy was "Rescue first, then extinguish." The pictures that appeared in the media, showing the train up in flames, were taken well after the passengers had been safely evacuated.

Orig. text: dpa

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