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Industrial area in Buschdorf: First doggy day care center opens in Bonn

Industrial area in Buschdorf : First doggy day care center opens in Bonn

Dog owners can now drop off their dog for the day in the Buschdorf industrial area. The city's first doggy day care center has opened there. Owner Sascha Hofmann is sure that he has discovered a market niche.

Already on the third day after the opening, ten dogs of different breeds, sizes and temperaments cavort peacefully there. Hardly any barking and very little growling can be heard. No wonder, there are plenty of hands of trained supervisors to pet the dogs. "We had actually planned to open in late summer, but it took until the new year to finish the entire renovation and until everything was ready for moving in," says Hofmann. Both the indoor and outdoor areas had to be designed in a dog-friendly and escape-proof manner. Customers have to first check in at a counter, almost like at a normal hotel, before the pets get in.

"First-time visitors must bring a vaccination card (for their pets). And if you want to leave your dog here more often or for several days, you must also complete a trial day. Because we want to get to know the dog as he should get to know us", says co-owner Christiane Reif. Visitors can only access the indoor hall through security gates. Inside, it looks like a dog's dream: sofas, upholstered boxes, various toys and resting areas await the four-legged friends. "We have a special quiet resting area for young dogs," explains trainer Julia Weyand. Through the large hall leads the way to the outdoor area, to the sandbox.

"We intentionally did not offer any advance booking possibility", said Weyand, "because we want to increase the number of dogs slowly and deliberately. The dogs should be able to get used to their new surroundings and the other dogs in a relaxed fashion.” Ten dogs on the third day is not bad. However, she says, it may well be 50 by summer, "and then the area for very small dogs and the overnight villa will be ready.”

Further information is available on the homepage: www.mc-dog.net. Orig. text: Rainer Schmidt Translation: Carol Kloeppel