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Only around 100 sellers: First Rheinaue flea market spoilt by rain

Only around 100 sellers : First Rheinaue flea market spoilt by rain

Around 100 sellers braved the bad weather at the first Rheinaue flea market of the year in Bonn. There are usually more than 1000 dealers.

It was shortly after 5 o’clock early on Saturday morning when Susanne and Christian Bering from Neuwied pushed their trailer through the still dark Rheinaue to avoid the usually big crowd at the first Rheinaue flea market of the year. “We then waited until 8 o’clock under our tent for the rain to stop before we could set out our goods,” explains Susanne, laughing.

“Normally there are up to 1000 dealers on the two kilometre long area for stands,” said Antje Ziegenspeck from the organiser Melan, who this time is unlikely to be in the black with only around 100 sellers. “Even last year, when the first flea market in March ended early because of the freezing cold,” said Ziegenspeck, “there was more business here.” The cold and wet are less offputting to sellers and visitors than a weather forecast for rain and storms. “Given the weather, business is quite good,” remarked the flea market trader from Neuwied, standing happily on the muddy grass. The organiser knew from experience that only those visitors who actually wanted to buy something would come. “Whatever the weather, no flea market is as good as the one in the Rheinaue,” the couple from Neuwied concluded.

For ten years, Peter Wolff (66) from Lohmar has also tried to attend each of the eight Rheinaue flea markets a year as a dealer. The 100,000 vinyl records he keeps at home tell the story of the musician’s and antique lover’s early passion for collecting. The former heritage conservation specialist has doubles of around half of his coveted vinyl records and now sells them from 2 Euros. Collectors quickly gather at his stand to talk shop about first and special editions.

A bit of luxury for a small amount of money

Mr Ayadi from Bonn was also pleased as he held a crystal candlestick up to the light. The twinkling fascinated him. “Here you find a bit of luxury for a small amount of money,” he said, and revealed he bought his find for two Euros.

A couple of collectors from the Eifel region paid 50 cents less for a small bronze statue from the 1920s that was apparently a real bargain. They did not want to reveal what else they were carrying in their small suitcase on wheels. It could be that they would sell it at the flea market one day. According to the flea market professionals, the beauty of the purchases is that you can, for example, enjoy them for a year and then re-sell them. Those who braved the bad weather forecast definitely got their money’s worth at the first flea market of the year. And there was also no problem getting a parking space.

The next Rheinaue flea market will exceptionally take place on the second Saturday in April (13 April 2019) because of the Easter weekend. After that, the market will again take place on every third Saturday of the month from 8am to 6pm until 19 October. For further information and stand reservations go to www.flohmarkt-rheinaue.de

(Original text: Stefan Hermes. Translation: kc)