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Wintry weather: First snow of the year in Bonn and region

Wintry weather : First snow of the year in Bonn and region

It will remain icy cold this week in Bonn and the region, with temperatures below zero (Celsius). The first snow of the year fell on Tuesday in Bonn and the region, while in Cologne it was even more wintry.

There is a permanent frost covering Bonn and the region, with temperatures falling at times to seven degrees below zero Celsius. On Tuesday evening, light snow began to fall in Bonn and the region, but hardly anything remained on the roads.

Elsewhere, the white splendor was already evident: winter brought plenty of snowflakes to North Rhine-Westphalia, especially on Tuesday evening. West of the Rhine there was a thick blanket of snow in many places, said a spokesman for the German Weather Service (DWD) in Essen.

As of Tuesday evening, police were not aware of any major traffic disruptions or accidents because of the snow.

It's supposed to snow on Wednesday too

Also on Wednesday it is expected to snow during the day, while temperatures remain below zero. Streets may be slippery and there may be delays in rush hour traffic.

Bringing the cold front into the area is the high pressure system "Brigida". According to the German Weather Service, it is causing the polar air that has found its way into Germany to largely remain in place. The result is that at night it cools down more and more due to the mostly clear sky. This "crackling electrocution weather" can also makes your hair stand on end.

It is still uncertain how far the temperatures will really drop. In the second half of the week, a denser cloud cover ensures milder temperatures. Marco Manitta, meteorologist from the weather forecast center of the German Weather Service, predicts, however, that the winter period could last several weeks.

(Orig. text: ga.de, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)