Window breaks during bus ride Five-year-old falls out of public bus in Bad Godesberg

BAD GODESBERG · On Thursday, a five-year-old girl suffered severe cuts in a fall from a public bus. According to the police, the cause could be traced to the driver's carelessness.

On Thursday afternoon, a five-year-old girl fell out of a public transportation bus in Bad Godesberg. According to police reports on Friday, the girl was traveling together with her mother and eight-year-old brother on bus line 615 towards the Waldkrankenhaus (Wald Hospital). She leaned against one of the rear right windows of the bus in the Brunnenallee area at around 2:55 pm.

When the window broke, the five-year-old fell from the moving bus onto the street. According to police, the girl suffered cuts on her upper body and a laceration on her head. An emergency doctor took the five-year-old girl to a hospital.

According to the current status of an investigation into the matter, the window that broke had been damaged shortly before that in an incident on Rheinallee. The bus driver had been performing a driving maneuver when he hit a tree branch, with the impact being at the window which the young girl later leaned against. But the 43-year-old continued his journey without checking for damage, according to the police.

The Stadtwerke Bonn (SWB), the public utility company which runs the bus service, says it regrets the incident and wants to clarify exactly what happened. The bus driver was considered to be reliable and, according to SWB, was on sick leave. The girl is still being treated in the hospital. Possible witnesses are asked to contact the police at 0228-150.

Orig. text: Sebastian Meltz

Translation: ck

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