Police: „Act probably politically motivated“ Flag set on fire in front of Bonn synagogue

Bonn · In Bonn's Tempelstraße, unknown culprits have thrown stones at the synagogue. Also notes with writing and a burnt white-blue flag were found. Police suspect a political motive.

 Shattered glass can be seen above the synagogue's entrance door.

Shattered glass can be seen above the synagogue's entrance door.

Foto: Ulrich Felsmann

In the early evening hours, there was damage to property at the Bonn synagogue in Tempelstraße. According to police, perpetrators threw stones at the building and damaged window glass above the entrance door.

A resident had observed several young adults attacking the synagogue entrance around 7:30 p.m. and also handling "fire" on an adjacent sidewalk. Before the arrival of the emergency services, the persons, who according to witness statements were three or four, ran away in the direction of the Rhine.

Police suspect political motive and arrest suspects

The arriving officers found impacts of two stones on the window in front of the synagogue as well as three notes, with presumed to be Arabic script. On the sidewalk, the forces also found a burnt white-blue flag.

The police, who according to initial statements suspect a political motive behind the damage to property, were able to apprehend three suspicious persons during the immediately initiated manhunt. Around 19.50 o'clock the task forces provisionally arrested two 20-year-old men in the area of the Adenauerallee. Shortly thereafter, a 24-year-old suspect was checked in the Niebuhrstraße area and also provisionally arrested.

Also a further suspect could still be connected with the damage to property. Witnesses had observed a female person who was presumably between 18 and 22 years old and had tied her dark hair into a braid. A vehicle in which the perpetrators may have been traveling was recovered on Graf-Galen-Strasse.

The police ask witnesses who have observed anything in connection with the described events to contact the police state protection division under the phone number 0228-150, who have taken over the case from the Bonn police due to the circumstances.

Original text: (ga)
Translation: Mareike Graepel

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