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Hygiene rules in place: Flixbus running again - Blablabus starts up end of June

Hygiene rules in place : Flixbus running again - Blablabus starts up end of June

Long-distance bus traffic has come to a virtual standstill in the past few months. From this Thursday on, long-distance buses from Flixbus will be operational again on routes within Germany. Blablabus also wants to put its fleet back on the road, starting on June 24.

For the first time since March, passengers can travel again on Flixbus on routes within Germany. But they will be getting on board with face masks.

The German long-distance bus market leader resumed operations this Thursday. To start with, around 50 stops will be serviced - there were ten times as many stops before the corona crisis.

Passengers are asked to keep their distance from one another while waiting at the stops and when boarding. They must enter through the rear door only and wear a face mask during the entire journey. If the demand is there, buses could be full. Flixbus appealed to customers to travel only when they are free of any symptoms.

The long-distance bus operator Blablabus wants to resume operations in four weeks. It expects to be covering routes within Germany starting on June 24, the company announced.

In order to prevent the corona virus from spreading, no more than every second seat in each Blablabus should be occupied. Passengers must wear face masks.

Tickets can be booked starting on June 12. During the summer, services will be adjusted according to demand and the current health situation.

Blablabus started up in Germany last year, competing against the market leader Flixbus. Because of the corona crisis, both stopped operations in mid-March. Flixbus began operations again on Thursday.

(Orig. text: dpa, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)