Swap and share Floating market on the MS Beethoven

Bonn · Swap or donate your used items in the name of sustainability. The “Floating Market” aboard the MS Beethoven passenger cruiser will give people an opportunity to do just that on Sunday, July 31.

  Darius Roncoszek and Sophie Schraml organize a swap and share on the MS Beethoven.

Darius Roncoszek and Sophie Schraml organize a swap and share on the MS Beethoven.

Foto: Meike Böschemeyer

Everyone is welcomed aboard the MS Beethoven passenger ship on Sunday, July 31 for a swap and share. The so-called “Floating Market” is organized by a project-oriented organization called Envision 21.

“Everything that you no longer need but could happily be used by other people can be brought along,” says Sophie Schrami, founder of the organization. Envision 21 aims to make social life more sustainable. Besides having created Freeboxes, Schraml and her partner Darius Roncoszek host crowdfunding events and swap markets, also called “sharing markets.” The Free Boxes are publicly accessible closets for exchanging items that are no longer wanted. They can be found in Bad Godesberg and Endenich.

Progressing from the Freebox to the “Sharing Market” is hopefully a way to make people more inclined to share. One such market has already taken place near the Freebox in Bad Godesberg. According to the organizers, it was well-received by visitors. Moving it to a ship now gives them the opportunity to reach a new group of people that might not be familiar with the Freebox concept.

The venue on the passenger ship also offers enough space to create a nice atmosphere - with DJane Adah Soe and snacks and refreshments offered by the ship’s crew. Admission to the boat is free for everyone. The Cultural Office of the City of Bonn is helping to make possible the music offered on board.

Income is only generated through food and drink

Alexander Dahm, captain and owner of the MS Beethoven, gave a reduced rate on the boat rental so he could support the project. From 1 p.m. until 5 p.m., the passenger ship will dock at the Alten Zoll so visitors can board. The captain is happy to support the good cause, “In this day and age, you also have to try something new. In this way, perhaps we can also get the younger generation interested in the ships,” he says. Many young people consider them old-fashioned. “But that’s not true at all. There is a young audience at some of our events,” says the captain.

A maximum of eight items can be brought along

Visitors to the passenger ship are allowed to bring up to eight items, everything from clothing to decorations to toys and books. Bicycles are also allowed, but food and large wardrobes are not. “We want to prevent people from unloading their basements on us,” says Schraml.

Nobody is required to bring along anything, however. The organizer stresses, “It’s about sharing and getting to know each other. We create an interactive space of giving.” It’s completely in keeping with the theme of “Living sustainably.” After all, she says, the event also serves to raise awareness of the valuable use of resources. It’s in contrast to the consumer and throwaway society. “People have enjoyed coming here and they also think it’s great that there is a connection between sharing and a music event,” says Schraml. (Orig. text: Lea Henneberg / Translation: ck)

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