Temporary halt in admissions Flu outbreak causes Malteser Hospital to close labour ward

Bonn · Bonn’s Malteser Hospital is responding to a shortage of personnel because of the flu outbreak by temporarily closing its labour ward. There are also restrictions in the St Elisabeth Hospital.

The flu outbreak has led to the next halt in admissions at two hospitals in Bonn. After the LVR Clinic did not admit any new patients for seven days last week, the Malteser Hospital in Hardtberg is now temporarily closing its delivery ward. From Tuesday, no addition pregnant women will be admitted for delivery.

The halt in admissions will initially last until Saturday morning. “So many employees in our gynaecology and obstetrics clinic have been hit by the current wave of illness that we have decided with a heavy heart to take this short-term and temporary measure,” explained managing director Martin Milde on Monday.

The health of pregnant women and newborns has priority. An emergency delivery ward will however remain open. All women whose childbirth date falls this week and who had planned to give birth in the Malteser Hospital are currently being informed of the closure by staff. Monitoring of contractions is still possible.

Obstetrics centre in University Hospital is open

The maternity ward in the St Elisabeth home has also been affected by the wave of illness. “We cannot take any more pregnant women for delivery at the moment because we have had to close the delivery ward due to increased incidences of illness among staff,” said Katharina Müller-Stromberg, spokeswoman for the community hospital.

Pregnant women have the choice of several clinics with labour wards in the city area as alternatives. “There are no problems in the Johanniter Hospital,” said spokesman Michael Forst. There has not been an increased wave of illness and therefore no restrictions. Pregnant women can get more information on the delivery ward phone line on 0228/543 2408.

The obstetrics centre at the University Hospital is also open. “Our delivery ward is open to pregnant women, but the women should register with us first,” said Anke Paschkowiak-Christes, senior doctor for gynaecology and obstetrics. Women can contact staff in the delivery ward on 0228 2871 5436. The obstetrics ward at the Marien Hospital on Venusberg is also taking patients for childbirth. Pregnant women should register on 0228 505 2201.

(Original text: Sabrina Bauer / Translation: kc)

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