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Human resources in city hall: Four women at the helm in Bonn

Human resources in city hall : Four women at the helm in Bonn

From now on, four women are at the helm in Bonn: Head Mayor Katja Dörner is to be assisted exclusively by female mayors in her capacity as representative of the city during this council period. One man, however, is in the starting blocks.

An all-women's group will represent the city of Bonn during this council period: At the constituent city council meeting on Thursday evening, three women will be elected and sworn in as mayors and thus as deputies of Bonn's new Head Mayor Katja Dörner (Greens) in her role as representative of the City of Bonn.

The Greens, the largest parliamentary group in the Council, want to nominate Melanie Grabowy, a newcomer to the parliamentary group, as the first female deputy mayor. The headmistress of a comprehensive school in Windeck won the direct mandate for the Greens in this local election as newcomer in Poppelsdorf. Second deputy mayor is to be CDU city councillor Ursula Sautter (55). Guido Déus, the new head of the CDU council faction, had originally proposed faction member Julia Polley as future mayor. The chairwoman of the Women's Union was then defeated in a secret ballot by her competitor at the group meeting on Monday evening.

Sautter lives with her family in Lessenich and works as a project officer for education and inclusion for the Hildegardis Association. The association was founded in 1907 to promote women's studies and is based in Bonn. Sautters, like Polley, has been a member of the group since this local election.

One man as district mayor

The third member of the group is Gaby Mayer, former vice-chairwoman of the SPD parliamentary group in the Council, and the only one of the top trio with experience in Council work. Born in Bonn in 1966, the Social Democrat is a senior civil servant in financial management.

On this Tuesday evening, a man is to be appointed to head the Bonn district. After the quarrels among the Greens about the renewed candidacy of their city and district councillor Brigitta Poppe-Reiners for district mayor, the Greens, SPD and Left Party agreed on the following model: for the first two years, SPD district councillor Jochen Reeh-Schall is to hold the office of district mayor, after which the Greens are to appoint a successor from among their ranks. Last week, the Greens' district group had actually elected newcomer Eva Kuzu from Auerberg as its candidate instead of Poppe-Reiners. As reported, a scandal broke out with the result that Poppe-Reiners now wants to turn her back on the district and city council factions. She wants to keep her mandates, said the former spokeswoman of the Greens' parliamentary group.

(Original text: Lisa Inhoffen.Translation: Mareike Graepel)