Stricter Corona rules From today, incidence level 2 applies in Bonn

Bonn · The seven-day incidence rate in Bonn on Wednesday was above 35 for the eighth day in a row. This means that, according to the state’s Corona Protection Ordinance, stricter rules will once again apply in Bonn from this Friday.

 The obligation to wear masks is somewhat different to the spring, when Bonn also reached incidence level 2.

The obligation to wear masks is somewhat different to the spring, when Bonn also reached incidence level 2.

Foto: dpa/Sebastian Gollnow

After the eighth day with a seven-day incidence rate above 35.1 was recorded in Bonn on Wednesday, incidence level 2 will apply from Friday, with a return to stricter rules in accordance with the NRW Corona Protection Ordinance. The city of Bonn’s crisis management team, which met on Wednesday, did not decide on any further restrictions for Bonn, the GA was informed by the press office.

This means that - unlike in early summer, when the incidence rate was above 35 - there is no obligation to wear masks in pedestrian zones and in the immediate vicinity of schools. However, face coverings must be worn again at bus and train stops from Friday.

Stricter contact restrictions also apply. In public spaces, people from up to three households are allowed to meet (plus vaccinated people from other households). Ten people (plus vaccinated people) may get together without a limit on the number of households. For gatherings of vaccinated people only, there are no limits on numbers. Visiting an outdoor restaurant is still allowed without a test. For indoor restaurants and many recreational facilities such as swimming pools, proof of vaccination, recovery, or a negative test (the so-called 3Gs) is required once again. The operation of clubs, discotheques and brothels is prohibited.

In the retail sector, only one person per ten square metres of sales space is allowed for the first 800 square metres of space, and from then on one person per 20 square metres. Restrictions have been reintroduced for sport and cultural facilities. Performances in theatres, operas and cinemas are permitted with up to 500 people, negative tests and a fixed seating plan with every other seat unoccupied. Again, immunised persons are not included in the numbers.

The seven-day incidence rate in Bonn was 50.4 on Wednesday, down slightly from the previous day (52.2). According to the city press office, 166 new infections have been reported to the health department in the past seven days. 252 people are currently infected in Bonn and 597 are in quarantine.

(Original text: Lisa Inhoffen, Translation: Caroline Kusch)

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