A565 and B56 closed from Friday Full closure at Endenicher Ei: How this affects motorists

Bonn · From Friday, the A565 and B56 motorways at Endenicher Ei will be closed at the same time for several days to allow for the construction of a new bridge. Autobahn GmbH and the city council recommend diversions. This is expected to affect the entire city area and beyond.

The diversions recommendations from Autobahn GmbH and the city council for the periods when the Endenicher Ei is closed.

The diversions recommendations from Autobahn GmbH and the city council for the periods when the Endenicher Ei is closed.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

Car and lorry drivers in particular can expect slow-moving traffic and traffic jams in Bonn from Friday, 23 February. Autobahn GmbH has announced that the motorway section of the A565 between the Bonn-Nord junction and the Bonn-Poppelsdorf junction will be completely closed due to the construction of the Endenicher Ei replacement road. The closure in both directions is scheduled to begin on 23 February at 8 pm and last until Monday, 4 March at 5 am. Another full closure in the same area is planned for a long weekend from Friday, 8 March at 8 pm until Monday, 11 March at 5 am. There will also be a full closure of the B56 including all ramps at Endenicher Ei from Friday, 23 February at 8 pm to Tuesday, 27 February at 3 pm. This means that during these five days, two road closures will run in parallel in the centre of the city. From 27 February to 1 March, there will be days during which the B56 via Endenicher Ei will only have one lane of traffic in both directions.

How will traffic be diverted?

Autobahn GmbH recommends drivers to make a major detour using the left bank of the Rhine from the Meckenheim junction via the A61 and A553 to the A555 in the direction of Cologne. In the urban area, it is possible to leave the A565 at the Bonn-Hardtberg junction and then continue via the Konrad-Adenauer-Damm and district road 12 to the A555 Bornheim junction. Both are possible in both directions. The municipality of Bonn also advises drivers coming from Bad Godesberg who would normally take the A565 northbound via the Reuterbrücke to consider travelling via the Südbrücke (A562) and the A59 on the right side of the Rhine. On this route, they would also avoid Adenauerallee, where the outer lanes in the direction out of the city have already been turned into cycle lanes. For inner-city traffic, the diversion during the B56 closure is via Karlstraße, Am Propsthof and Auf dem Hügel (see also diversion diagram). Eight bus routes operated by Bonner Stadtwerke (SWB) travelling on this route and will also not be able to use Endenicher Ei.

Autobahn GmbH said it would use the motorway display boards to indicate the more extensive detours. During the B56 closure, the council is extending the green phase of the traffic lights at the Hermann-Wandersleb-Ring/Auf dem Hügel/Frongasse junction for left turns from Hermann-Wandersleb-Ring into Auf dem Hügel.

What effects can be expected?

In addition to fuller motorways, the council expects city streets to be much busier than usual, especially in the Endenich district. The first few days are usually particularly problematic, after which the situation usually eases somewhat. Last week, the city appealed to residents to avoid using their cars as much as possible during the affected periods, to switch to public transport or cycling, to work from home, to drive anti-cyclically or to carpool. These suggestions were also sent to firms. Sabine Baumann-Duvenbeck, Managing Director of Bornheim-based transport company expects many people to leave the A565 motorway in Meckenheim and drive through Bad Godesberg via the Wachtberg districts of Villip and Pech and from there to take the B9 over the Südbrücke to the right bank of the Rhine. The Bonn/Rhein-Sieg/Euskirchen retail association expects negative effects throughout the city: "The traffic trial on Adenauerallee in particular, combined with the full closures, will cause more traffic jams and frustration on Bonn's roads," says its chairman Jannis Vassiliou. He is in favour of a temporary halt to the traffic trial during these times. Although the trial has not officially begun, the new traffic routing is already partially in place following initial road marking work.

Can cyclists and pedestrians pass?

The cycle and pedestrian path to the north remains accessible. As reported several times, cyclists are allowed to cycle heading out of town. Cyclists travelling into the city will have to push their bikes or take a signposted diversion via the Hosenbrücke bridge.

How do the fire and rescue services operate during the closure periods?

Autobahn GmbH will ensure that Endenicher Ei remains passable during rescue operations. Fire service spokesperson Frank Frenser told the General-Anzeiger that vehicles from Fire Station I near the Verteilerkreis will be able to join the A565 motorway in Tannenbusch and leave in Endenich as usual. "This was important to us during planning so that we can reach the Hardtberg district quickly." However, the emergency services will also have to drive round the B56 closure. But experienced drivers know "every short cut", says Frenser.

What is Autobahn GmbH working on during the closure?

The south side of the bridge will be demolished. According to Autobahn GmbH, shoring and earthworks will also be carried out. On the B56, the civil engineers are working on the supply lines. Incidentally, the next one-week full closure on the A565 is scheduled for July.

(Original text: Philipp Königs / Translation: Jean Lennox)

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